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    Thank you all for a wonderful adventure and for your contributions over the years!


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Jun 9, 2011
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Just a reminder of the advertising rules on the forum. There's been some advertising popping up recently. It's easy for a new member to miss all of the points in the rules and regulations subforum. If you own or represent a business you want to promote, contact Blake for an opportunity to do so.

BushcraftOz is an independent, not-for-profit discussion platform for Bushcraft in Australia. Please refrain from posting advertisements for your company in the forums unless otherwise permitted by the forum administrator. This includes posts containing links or comments to promote your business. If you are a manufacturer or provider of a Bushcraft related service please contact BushcraftOz via PM information on potential opportunities to advertise your products on the forums.

Please note this refers only to companies. Posting and discussion of products and services related to Bushcraft by unaffiliated persons is allowed and encouraged.

The links in personal signatures for websites, blogs, resources or otherwise related to the subjects explored on this forum is more than welcome. As long as they do not violate the terms outlines above.

If a company or person is spamming their product on the forums in a manner which is not condoned they will be given a warning or banned depending on the severity. Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to use their own judgement in regards to this.
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