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Bedrolls And Swags


Lofty Wiseman
Apr 25, 2017
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The ones I have been told of from droving days were a couple wool press bags sewn inside each other.
The earth made into a pillow mound :)
The person who told me mentioned one day getting a tent and then getting pneumonia.
He said he blamed the tent because he never had that problem before that.

Love the description thanks for sharing bluebush. They sure had resilience when faced with testing times.

Amazing to think couples lived together this lifestyle too , probably even families.

Le Loup

Rüdiger Nehberg
Apr 29, 2011
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New England NSW
This video was made a long time ago, further research since then has determined that "weskit" is not the correct term, it was in fact the same as now, being a waistcoat. Also the term "Smock" is wrong for this period, the correct term is Frock.

Knapsack & market wallet Reduced.jpg
I do not roll my blanket roll inside my oilcloth, because if I am caught in a rain storm on the trail I need to remove the oilcloth to use as a cover. So my oilcloth is secured separately under the flap of my knapsack & my blanket roll is tied to the straps.