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Bushcraft Blogs


Nest In the Hills
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May 2, 2011
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Central West, NSW
There is a lot of great blog writers in the bushcraft community who are contributing to expaning learning on the topic. Many of them are members of the forum as well. I have created this tread which will be a sticky so that we can collect as many quality blogs together as a resource for further learning.

If you have a blog which you would like to have listed here please reply with a link and a short paragraph describing the topics which your blog covers (ie. Skills, gear, history or general etc.) and I will add it to this list. After your blog is added to the list I will delete your post to keep this thread clean and tidy.

Please only add your blog if it is a not for profit blog. Ie. not a blog which is written by or on behalf of a company which is promoting their individual products. If your blog discusses equipment and reviews products this is fine as long as it is you view and not affiliated with the company.


Blog List (A-Z):

Bubba Remparts Survival and Bushcraft
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Russell Coight
Nov 14, 2021
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Hi this is the first time actually advertising my blog. Ive only had it up a few months. mainly bushcraft, growing food, gear reviews, knives, some martial arts, philosophy, learning , book recommendations. bit of everything. I try to cover things that no one else has and write from what Ive experineced thx for looking cheers