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Bushcraft Points Removed


Nest In the Hills
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May 2, 2011
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Central West, NSW
Hi Everyone,

As most members are aware, in May last year we introduced a bushcraft points system to the forum with a few other changes including a new default dark theme and banner. Click here for more info on those changes. The theme had a lot of positive feedback so thank you for that, that will stay obviously.

The points system divided opinion a bit more. The idea was to encourage topics where members got out and posted about their time in the bush learning new skills. A lot of members responded with some really fair replies covering some concerns and we definitely discussed this. One of the points that I think is the most fair is that time is tough to come by. Not everyone can necessarily get out as much as they would like or as much as others due to work, family and location differences. Additionally, just because some members post about gear, or something not directly "in the bush" doesn't make their contribution any less worthy to the forum.

Since then we have monitored the forum and have come to the decision to disable this system now. We have found, and this is a positive I think, that the members who have been a part of this forum and contributed a lot have, regardless of the points continued to contribute and participate.

The other big point which I think is fair is that while having points might encourage people to contribute to those specific topics it can also discourage new members contributing for the reason of feeling out of place. I guess what I am trying to say is... we all love bushcraft because we all love bushcraft and its just about that simple. We post when we can and because we love bushcraft and the community. It is clear from this that everyone here posts because they want to share what they have learned and we don't do it for points or rankings.

I think this is a pretty cool thing that we all post for the love of it I guess but I do extend my apologies to members who may have been offended by me introducing this system and felt that I might have been trying to 'rank' their knowledge. I have considered all your comments and PMs and myself with the mods have decided that we don't need the points system and are happy to keep it simple.

Craft On,

EDIT #1 (04/02/15 - 8:27pm): Have noticed the bushcraft points graphic is still there. Just got to make some changes to the template to get rid of this. Working on it now. Please ignore for the next few hours while I remove it.

EDIT #2: (04/02/15 - 8:29pm) Its now gone. That was easier than I thought actually :eek: PM me if you notice any glitches as a result of this change. Thanks!
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Richard Proenneke
Jul 8, 2013
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Perth, Western Australia
I love this forum!!
Thanks Blake for the info I was thinking what might be good was for people to be able to display completion of the bushcraft course as that is something which members can work towards over a period of time even at home (maybe even a percentage of course completed score just for a bit of fun).