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BushcraftOz Store Ultralight Poncho


Mar 18, 2014
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Southern Tablelands, NSW
It's hard to find a decent poncho these days. By decent, I mean a military-style poncho which can be used with a "woobie" liner and which has double-headed press studs to allow two or more ponchos to be clipped together as a tarp shelter.

I'd seen some of these lightweight ponchos online, but had not pulled the trigger on one up to now since shipping from Europe or the UK seemed to be very high. Then I discovered our own BushcraftOz Store has them in stock as the Ultra-Light Poncho (http://www.bushcraftozstore.com.au/products/ultra-light-poncho). I ordered mine last week and received it within a couple of days. Price-wise it was cheaper than buying from overseas.

I own an original army poncho and a woobie liner and can report the following compatibility info for the BCOz Store Ultra-Light Poncho: The poncho will clip to another poncho of the same make and although it is a teeny bit smaller dimensions than a military poncho, it will still clip to one to make a useable tarp. The Ultra-Light Poncho accepts a woobie liner and so can be used as an improvised sleeping bag.

When considered on its own merits, the poncho is very lightweight, is made from strong but light PU-coated ripstop-weave Polyester.

Due to the lightweight materials I was leery of its waterproofness, but my concerns were allayed during a bushwalking trip last weekend. With heavy rain forecast, and no reliable watercourses in the area of the campsite, we set up "water holes" to catch rain water which would save us a water run down the mountain to the nearest flowing creek. Along with a tarp, the poncho was laid in the hole, doubled over and collected rain water all night. The next morning I packed up the water holes and to my surprise I found the soil under the poncho to be bone dry despite the estimated 50mm of rain which had fallen overnight.

I used the poncho as a rain cape this morning during a torrential downpour and can report that it works well. The waist ties work to draw in the waist area when worn as a poncho, but I found that they were a bit long for me. There are also ties in two of the corner eyelets, but I will be removing these since I found them annoying when wet. The poncho is definitely big enough to cover an average-to large sized person and will cover a pack.

A lot of bushwalkers reject the idea of a poncho, but if you can tie in the waist to reduce flapping in the wind and aren't bush-bashing through thick vegetation which might rip a poncho, I find them a useful and multi-purpose item.

When the weather improves I'll take some comparison photos of the BCOz Store poncho against an army poncho and its use as a tarp and as a sleeping bag with a woobie liner.

I reckon the BushcraftOz Store Ultra-Light Poncho is a great item and is essential bush kit at a very nice price. Thanks Blake!
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John McDouall Stuart
May 5, 2011
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I've been using that poncho for about a year, it's fantastic. I hardly use a rain jacket anymore.