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Bear Mears
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Jun 9, 2011
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Blue Mtns
I'd been on the hunt for a daypack for months and couldn't find what I was after. My criteria was:

  • Single compartment with frame
  • Hip belt, rather than waist belt
  • Durable enough for offtrack
  • No mesh on shoulder straps or back panel

Most day packs, because of the small size have waist belts rather than hip belts. I find these uncomfortable and they tend to strap around my navel rather than any load bearing point.

It is a bit of a long shot finding a small capacity (40L) pack that is skinny and long enough to have a full hip belt. The only packs that seemed to suit were alpine packs.
If I've only got 1L of water and some snacks in a pack for a daywalk, then a hip belt doesn't matter, but when we go out bushcrafting for the day, I tend to load up with 5L of water, pots, knives, raincoat, food, sometimes a hatchet etc. which maxes out the comfort for normal day packs but would rattle round in my overnight bags. The water load is because we've been staying on ridge tops and need plenty for drinking, cooking and to safely put out a fire.

Crux makes simple climbing packs with a stiff frame and no mesh. The belt is designed to go above a climbing harness, but by ordering a size bigger, it fits around the hips.

The bottom of the pack is cordura, while the red material is kevlar-cordura. It's held up very well offtrack, even scraping against burnt scrub after the fires, which tends to be hard on gear and clothes.
The zips and pack both claim to be waterproof, which doesn't worry me since everything goes in a drybag.

I like the zigzag compression traps and wand pocket. I usually put a fire by friction set in one side and my tinder bag in the other, so I can gather bark as I walk along. The pocket and strap combo hold them securely.

The pack has been used every weekend this year and is showing no signs of wear, apart from a bit of charcoal.
Highly recommended!

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