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Edible Weeds Walk Saturday 5th October in Newcastle NSW..

Howling Dingo

Richard Proenneke
Staff member
May 20, 2011
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I am running an other wild edible weeds walk Saturday 5th October in Newcastle NSW..

Many of the plants we class as weeds are of course edible. Others common plants seen only as pests have medicinal or traditional crafting uses.

This is a walk will crash coarse in the subject focusing mainly on the edible aspect of weeds. Also I will be looking at some of amazing local Australia bush tucker plants. As well as so examples of guerrilla gardening a urban environment.

My background has a Chef then later trained in Horticulture. I try and combine both disciplines and skills in these walks. Looking both the botany and the culinary uses of wild plants.

Start Point : Fernleigh Cafe 11am
Cost. : Free
Duration. : One Hour
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