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Elm Tree fruit - samara


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
Its that time of year again when the elm trees are fruiting in SE Australia.
Looking at these trees you may assume that you are seeing the first flush of green leaves in spring.

But look a little closer ….

That bright green is not from leaves:

It is actually flat, green fruits with a single seed. The fruits are called: Samaras

While the fruit is fresh and green it is a delight to eat, just as it is.
Its somewhat like "butter lettuce" leaves, and I really like it.

In a week or two the fruit will dry and fall. Once that happens you can collect the dried fruit and extract the small seeds.
They are like a small sunflower seed, and are nice to eat too, but its quite a bit of work to crush the fruits and winnow the seeds out

Elms are not native, but if there are any in your area, its worth checking them out !
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