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First ripe tomato for the season


John McDouall Stuart
Apr 4, 2018
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Your tomatoes are well in advance of mine. All I have is flowers and few tiny baby tomatoes starting.

It has been very cool weather here as of late which has not helped the vegetables at all.


Les Hiddins
Mar 30, 2019
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The Cherry tomatoes have been finished here for a while now, they pop up and are hardy and grow themselves .

Saying that ,someone up the road gave me a few of their mid size tomatoes this week from their garden . So it depends on the variety .

if your a gardener like me , you need hardy plants that are not too pedantic , a couple things I’ve found useful in the tropics are Taro and Aibika , taking advice from papua new guineans and pacific islanders , they've well and truly done their sustainability , resilience research throughout time , so i borrow their wisdom and there is something substantial to throw in the pot for a boil up .