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  • As of the 01/01/2023 the Bushcraft Oz Forum is now closed and has been placed in Archive mode. New Posts and Post Replies have been disabled but existing content can still be viewed. For more information please see the following post for more infomation. It is our goal to retain the wondeful contributions to the Bushcraft community over the years and a more appropriate way of displaying this is being considered for the future so the information is not lost. A perminent web archive of the forum state as of 30 Jan 2022 has been captured and can be viewed herea>.

    Thank you all for a wonderful adventure and for your contributions over the years!

Forum Downtime: Friday 4th April 2014


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May 2, 2011
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your patience with the down time today. I had to take the forum down as there was a email spammer exploiting the forum to send out spam emails. The emails were sent to random email addresses so its very unlikely that you would have received one. There was no compromise of your account or email addresses but feel free to change your password if you feel inclined. There was a feature on the forum which let unregistered users send emails via the forum. I have now disabled this feature. Email notifications for subscribed threads, password changes and new registrations will continue to work as usual.

If you have recently received an email notification for a post on an old subscribed thread this is a separate issue relating back to when we had some problems with the forum auto moderating posts. I have cleared this now which included 50 unreleased posts which is why there might be a few posts on old topics or notifications for posts which were made some time ago. About 50 in total.

I also took the downtime to perform general patching and bug fixes to the forum. Thanks again for you patience and sorry that there was no warning on this one as the email spam forced me to close the forum to stop the flow.

Kindest Regards,
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