GPS Tracks for Download


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
I’m sure everyone who has visited an outdoor store will have seen the excellent books by Open Spaces for sale, eg “Bushwalks in the Victorian Alps”. The series includes books on walking, climbing, cycling and skiing all over Australia. I have about 4 and I was thinking about updating some of the older ones.

While looking in the shop, I noticed a sticker on the cover which referred to GPS data for selected walks being available from their website:

If you select “GPS Downloads” from the menu, you will see selected trips which you can download in both GPX and KZM formats, they say they will be adding more trips in the future.

If you’re not sure about these downloads, they are fairly standard file types for storing waypoint and track information. Google Earth used the KZM format, if you just download the KZM and double click it, it will open the track in Google Earth (assuming you have Google Earth installed). Of course these formats can be used on your handheld GPS, or smart phone too

I have loaded some of the GPX files onto my Android and loaded them with "My Tracks" application. They look like they work OK, but I haven't tried them out as yet.