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Helikon Bushcraft Bag


Richard Proenneke
Mar 9, 2013
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Perth, WA
As promised...

I bought this bag ago from Heinnie Haynes in the UK (vat refunded by them using PayPal)

Here is the link to the Helikon Website for other specs etc https://www.helikon-tex.com/en_eur/tb-bst-cd-bushcraft-satchel-bag-cordura.html

I have been using this bag for a while now both in the bush and when I went to the UK for shopping.
Beauty? Well for some it is a bit military
Build? Is very good. Solid stitching, heat sealed zipper pulls. I cannot see branding on the zippers so not sure if YKK.
The following pictures give, I hope some idea of the size, the comparison is my Manbag from Benny at HRO.

I have used it for shopping (ok but uncomfortable after 2 hours, I did have a lot of shopping though...) Carry in bush as a walkabout Ok but watch the weight. For bulky light items; mat, jacket, waterproofs, gloves hat, mossie net, phone, etc fine.
It is big, so my only advice would be not to overstuff. I would also like to get a shoulder pad for it.

Would I buy again? Yes.