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Homeschool - Bush Skills & Wildcrafting Walkaround Workshop

Howling Dingo

Richard Proenneke
Staff member
May 20, 2011
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Homeschool - Bush Skills & Wildcrafting Walkaround Workshop

22nd of September

Connect with nature and learn how to utilise some of the natural resources that surround us.
You will learn about and how to:
- use your senses to navigate the bush.
- predict what is going to happen with the weather.
- some of the amazing wild edible foods that surround us.
- use plants for medicinal and hygiene purposes
- natural resources used in fire craft and shelter making.

Intended for homeschool children aged 8 - 16 years. Please send my a message to book a place and for more information

This workshop is intended as a introduction to the following skills and subjects.

>Natural Navigation & Weather Predicting

>Wild Foods

>Knots & Rope Skills

>Australian Bushlore

>Tracking & Animal Observation

>Bush Cooking


Start Point:
Claremont Reserve
Adamstown Heights

Time & Date:
12:00pm Thursdays 22nd of September (Public Holiday)

- Instructor and Guide
- Optional Lunch

Difficulty and Safety:
-Children must be accompanied with an adult.
No specific physical condition needed but there will be a off track walking. Duration of the event will between 3 and 2 hours Covering a distance of between 2 and 3 kilometres.

Suggested Equipment..

-Small Backpack
-Brimmed hat
-Water bottles with about 2lt
-Rain jacket
- Lunch or Snacks
-Sensible footwear
- Insect repellent


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