Amphibian Litoria ewingi (Brown Tree Frog)


John McDouall Stuart
Aug 5, 2011
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Scientific Name: Litoria ewingi

Common Names: Brown Tree Frog

Other names: Southern Brown Tree Frog, Eswing's Tree Frog, Whistling Tree Frog

Order: Anura

Family: Hylidae

Genus: Litoria

Species: L. ewingi

Distribution: Found throughout Tasmania, south west SA, southern VIC and south west NSW.

Habitat: Can be found in all habitat types including suburban gardens.

Field Notes: Slender in appearance, dark brown to grey-brown upper surface, broad dark brown patch flanked by a darker brown / black stripe running the length of the back, white under surface. Adult females reach 45 mm in length and the male 37 mm.

Photos: Northern Tasmania by JKM (2012)
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