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Looking for a new headlamp…


Bear Mears
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Jun 9, 2011
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Blue Mtns
We've been using zebralight headtorches since 2008 or 2009 from memory.
I like to be able to replace a single AA mid nightwalk rather than having to plug it into a powerbank to charge.
I've done a few unplanned nightwalks over the years (including one where one of our party fell sick and needed to be helped out of the bush). The regulated output of the zebralight is great and lasts a good while on the medium settings.
I unscrew the tailcap a quarter turn so it doesn't get bumped on in the pack.
We use eneloops in them, or the lithium AA for my longer overseas walks.


Lofty Wiseman
Nov 10, 2014
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Dandenong Ranges
Well, just a little follow up… after a lot of backing and forthing, attracted to the wider range of outputs of some lights (higher highs and lower lows), but also won over by the compactness of the smaller Fenix HM50r, I ended up getting a Wurkkos HD15r… meets my needs for dimness, and plenty fine for brightness (considering it’s a flood only), runs an 18650 with amazing runtime reports, but also comes with a short tube to use an 18350, so, while not as light, it kind of competes with the little Fenix.

So far so good, I’m out camping up the Latrobe River right now, the moonlight red is perfect for reading, and most close work. I did have to bump it up to ‘low’ when I was trying a knot overhead to string up a tarp, and that was plenty bright. On these sorts of levels, the runtimes are fantastic 👍🏻

(edited to remove typos caused by a couple fireside beers 😬)
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