Mainstay Survival Pocket Sleeping Bag


Les Hiddins
Aug 1, 2012
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Somerset Region QLD
Gday you lot :) My sample turned up the other day, many thanks to Blake and Mainstay.

It comes in a not quite pocket sized pack unless you're wearing your bush pants. Bout the size of two pouches of tobacco, for my fellow unhealthy people.

I set up camp in the sunroom, on the carpet. Roughing it.

After some struggles getting it out and on the floor which wasn't helped by stray adhesive, I was immediately blinded. Righto, curtains down.

I got my boots off, stripped to my undies and an under armor longsleeve shirt. Now there's a mental picture for you.

After much comical wriggling I managed to get in. Well, mostly. I put a foot through the bottom and at 6 foot 4 and 115 kg, there was a bit of me sticking out the top.

It was 15 degrees when I tried it out. Toasty warm in 10 mins and sweating like a horse in 15. Very clammy. Like a toasted sanger with too much tomato.

I managed to rip the underside trying to roll on my side. You'd want a groundsheet spun from the hair of angels for this fella.

After half an hour I was soggy and the crinkling gave me the horrors. Knowing how flammable it is I was glad to not be near a fire!

Getting out wasn't easy due to moisture and I ripped halfway down the side. Bugger.

Overall probably handy in a car first aid kit or similar. Would work a treat on cold or shocking people, signalling, keep your lunch warm or a very temporary shade cover.

It shouldn't be marketed as a sleeping bag, but as an emergency cocoon or similar. And clearly marked single use.

For the space I'd prefer a few large garbage bags and a roll of string or tape, or two or three normal emergency blankets.

I'll eventually upcycle it as one of these or use it as reflective film for my cacti seedlings. Be a shame to just toss it.

As a first aid item I'll give it a 7/10. Especially for short people and kids. As a sleeping bag, a 2/10. Better than nothing but nothing doesn't make you feel like a giant goon bag either.

Few in the glovebox couldn't hurt but I'd rather sleep under a pile of grass.


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
I think you've summed it up well.

Calling such things a sleeping bag really is a bit cheeky, its more of a single use, bag / blanket IMO.

I think comparing it to a space blanket is a more realistic comparison, rather than comparing it to a sleeping bag.

Really a compact emergency use item rather than a planned use item.