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Marbles D2 Re Test


Ray Mears
Aug 27, 2021
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Take two !

Sorry , my back is FUBAR and I haven't been able to sleep for about two weeks now ( Back Pain ) . So I'm a little sleep deprived !

So I am retesting the Marbles D2 Cos ....

I ordered a RR Classic Carbon T10 ...

The Marbles D2 blows chunks as far as edge holding / performance goes .
A lot of people said the Marbles was good (?) .... It's not ( performance )

Now I am going to play with the Rough Rider ..
I own both knife brands in Jumbo Trappers , and they are very similar in performance , build quality etc .
So , hopefully soon , I will put the online reviews to the test ..
Is the RR Classic Carbon T10 good ?