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Richard Proenneke
Jan 9, 2019
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Update on the Vortex solo 8x25 monocular; I have to mostly retract my damning assessment of these previously. I still have them, and try them out every now and then - I like them. Their field of view is the biggest difference, but you do get more magnification which I see easily now in comparison to my 5x15 monoculars. I'm also finding the focus easier, although it is still a tighter than either my 12x50 binoculars or 5x15 monocular; what I mean by tighter is that the range of focus appears to be a shorter distance. For example the focus range of the vortex might be 50m (everything within that 50m range is in focus) whereas my other monocular and binocular the focus range seems to be a fair bit bigger. This means I'm not adjusting focus as much on my nikon monocular or binocular. This is dependent on distance to the subject / object of course; a focus point further away covers a much greater area than something much closer.

I can only attribute my first poor assessment of the monocular to my varying eyesight! For example, the last few days I've found I can see my laptop better without glasses, yet this morning I definitely need them.

I will keep the new vortex monocular - I need to find some way of carrying it on my daypack. Even then, I will only carry it when I know that they will get a fair bit of use; coastal walks perhaps. I can't confirm whether it is better than what else is currently available - for all round versatility and usability the little nikon 5x15 is an easy recommendation. Friends that I walk with sometimes have tried them, and lament that they are no longer available. A few of them carry small bino's which are generally also 8x25 or 10x25; they all prefer the little nikon.

I also have to say, if the nikon was still available they would be more expensive. I could have paid $200 for mine years ago; I can't remember exactly what I paid, but I know they were expensive. I also remember that I got quite a good deal on mine at the time. This has to be considered when determining the value of something.
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