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My Fire Bag.

Le Loup

Rüdiger Nehberg
Apr 29, 2011
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New England NSW
My greased leather fire bag contains my tinderbox, & is carried in my belt pouch. I do not carry any kindling, as I know how & where to find it in the bush when I need it in all weather conditions. I do not use charred cloth, I only use plant & fungus tinders in the tinderbox. My fire steel is tied off to the buckle on my belt bag, & carried inside this bag. When making fire I simply drop the steel after catching a spark on the tinder.

This is one of five greased leather gunpowder bags that I carry. When a gunpowder bag is empty, it is used to store/carry spare plant & fungus tinder.

“…fungus that grows on the outside of the birch-tree…used by all the Indians in those parts for tinder…called by the Northern Indians Jolt-thee, and is known all over the country bordering on Hudson’s Bay by the name of Pesogan…there is another kind…that I think is infinitely preferable to either. This is found in old decayed poplars, and lies in flakes…is always moist when taken from the tree but when dry…takes fire readily from the spark of a steel: but it is much improved by being kept dry in a bag that has contained gunpowder.”
~Samuel Hearne, Northern Canada, 1772

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