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Natural material only Shelter


Russell Coight
Sep 9, 2020
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Hi guys!
This time I want to share with you some pictures of my bushcraft shelter,
that I made using only natural material (fallen down trees, ferns) and rope.
I started by going in the forest to look for dead trees (because I don't like to cut down alive one just to build a shelter) in my area there are not many pine trees which are pretty straight so was quite hard to find good ones, for this structure I decided to use the A-frame style, I cut all the wood at the right length with a saw then I assembled all. For the roof, I used ferns (they grow again after u cut them).
I think it's pretty waterproof ;)
My dog helped me lol

Hope u like it!

If u have any advice on how to make it better let me know !



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