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New VicEmergency app launched


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
FYI the Victorian Fire Ready app for phones and tablet devices has been superseded with a new app called VicEmergency
available for both Android and iOS:


There is also a web site which contains the information if you have access to a computer:


The new app includes more than just fire information, it includes other warnings and emergency information including storm, accident and other disaster information.

New features of the VicEmergency app include:

Incident and warning notifications for all emergencies
User profile that enables simultaneous access to watch zones and emergency notifications across multiple devices
Creation of up to 20 watch zones tailored to individual locations and needs
Ability to edit watch zones and turn notifications on and off.
Screen view rotation to view the incident map horizontally
Responsive design for iPads and tablet devices
The VicEmergency website upgraded to create and edit watch zones and send email notifications

Note: the existing "Fire Ready" is being deactivated, so with Summer on the way, it would be best to upgrade soon !

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