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Ngunnawal Plant Use


Lofty Wiseman
Sep 8, 2011
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Hi all,

FYI there is a rather interesting new book out for the ACT and its immediate area (but I'd say it is still handy for NSW generally, and somewhat for SE Australia over-all) called 'Ngunnawal Plant Use'. It is a field guide of aboriginal plant uses in the ACT/NSW area and it has identifiable photos, some blurb on uses, and is a robust field type book.

The blurb on uses is mostly minimal, but is a good starting point for further research into specifics where that is not clear, though as bushcrafters we probably know enough to take an educated guess how to properly use something and experiment to confirm.

I only just started leafing through it last night but so far it is highly recommended (at least for Canberra area)! Field guides for Australian regions based around aboriginal knowledge are very rare, in my experience.

It is available from a few sources, but the easiest outside Canberra is to order online. Anyway, all sellers are listed on the following web page:


Also, if you are in Canberra on 19/5/2015 there is a seminar/workshop on aboriginal medicine plants on (by one of the contributors to the book) - details - http://www.ecoaction.com.au/events/planting-a-medicine-garden/

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Never Alone In The Bush
Staff member
Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
The book and seminar sound very interesting. Alas Melbourne is a bit too far away ...