Old axe handle at second hand store


Les Hiddins
Dec 5, 2019
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Found this never been fitted ,very old looking axe handle at the second hand store today.

When they say they don’t make them like they used to they may be right . Seems like a good craftsman made it as It fitted like a snug glove with no modification , what’s the chances it’s actually made for my hytest axe ?
Satisfying when something works like it should.

Used fine steel wool to clean the tainted finish and to help the boiled linseed oil soak it to hopefully rejuvenate it and look nice. 32D29252-FC41-4FF6-B9BF-D9A2C00E0CCA.jpeg

Was waiting for the hardware store to get more of the spotted gum axe handles in as they ran out. Waiting a couple weeks then decided to buy an old one , that has probably sat in somebodies shed for years.

This brand is the ones making spotted gum handles if anyone was interested or looking.
Can’t say either way what they are like.