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OziExplorer Compatible Maps


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
I have Festy and they are very good, and apparently legitimately free !

The other maps I use are:

- Dooghans - maps of entire Aus, and free (I can't find the link now) !

- Hema map set - commercial maps. You can buy the entire HEMA map set on DVD and load it into OziExplorer. It includes (many/all?) of the 1:250K topo Nat Maps too. Runs on PC, but will load directly onto OziExplorer

- Nat Map - commercial maps. All the 1:250K topo maps including satellite images for the entire continent. Runs on PC, but will load directly onto OziExplorer

- Spatial Vision - commercial maps. The 1:100K topos maps of Victoria, with some individual smaller maps to 1:25k and 1:50k. Runs on PC, but will load directly onto OziExplorer

- Rooftop Maps - I don't have these, yet ! These are excellent 4wd and camping maps which cover much of Victoria. Anyone who is keen on 4wd in Victoria should have a look at these. I have quite a few of the paper maps, but I'd like the electronic ver too.

I was going to mention Android, but I see you have another thread already:
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