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Mors Kochanski
Jan 21, 2013
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Hills District NSW
Hi all,

Continuing my clean out I have come up with the following items to sell, most of which have never been used and all of which are in excellent condition, often new and unused, unless otherwise noted. All prices will be plus post as people may want to combine items. Let me know what you're interested in and I'll let you know post cost.

Miscellaneous pouches:

1: SOLD Kifaru pouche, approx 25x10x10cm. These are heavy weight so at least 1000D. SOLD
2: SOLD Kifaru pouche, approx 25x10x10cm. These are heavy weight so at least 1000D. SOLD
3: SOLD Maxpedition Janus I think but missing the extension strap. Approx 18x10x4cm. SOLD
4: SOLD Maxpedition RAT wallet IIRC. Has a slight burn mark on one edge, purely cosmetic. Approx 14x9x6cm. $10 SOLD
5: SOLD Maxpedition Anemone I believe. Approx 10x8x6cm. SOLD
6: SOLD Maxpedition Barnmacle IIRC. Approx 10x8x4cm. SOLD
7: WITHDRAWN No idea, more a consumer style pouch. I used to keep a point and shoot camera in it. Approx 14x9x6cm. WITHDRAWN
8: SOLD Spec Ops pack organiser I think. Had a cheap ferro rod turn to powder in this so could use a wash. Yellow inside for easy visibility. Approx 26x20x4cm. SOLD
9 & 10: SOLD Platatac, don't recall the model. About the size of smoke grenade, 14x5x6cm. $5 each SOLD
11: SOLD Maxpedition EDC Orgniser I think. Approx 16x10x2cm. $5 SOLD
12: Think this is a Platatac double mag pouch. Approx 16x9x5cm. $5

Adventure Medical Kits SOL survival bottle and Anaconda bottle:
This was a gift which I never used. Stainless bottle with screw on cap and carbiner. Very similar size to Klean Kanteen so I'd say 750ml. Has a heap of survival info printed on it which is actually a pretty good idea. $5 Anaconda bottle is I think aluminium and would be around the same 750ml capacity. Free to any one who wants it when you buy another item.

Blackhawk multicam hat:
Bush hat, bucket hat, boonie hat, whatever you want to call it. Size 7 1/4 which is a tad too small for my big head. New with tag. $10

Payment via direct deposit. Let me know your postcode so I can work out post costs etc and if you want something other than regular post.
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