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Re usable natural fire lighter


Ray Mears
Apr 4, 2018
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As an addition to my last firelighting threads stumbled upon a re usable firelighter which may be handy. For circumstances where campfires have to be relit day after day.

Used a red stringybark spill into which I had sprinkled charred sawdust and bracket fungus. Ignited with flint and steel and lit the fire.


After lighting the fire and making sure it was burning well snuffed the spill between two slabs of timber. Or could put into some sort of airtight metal container.


After leaving for an hour or so the spill is extinguished and ready to be reused for another firelight. Just recharge with your favourite tinder, apply sparks from whatever igniter you wish. Will quickly relight.

Daresay this is what was done in the days before matches etc and would save a lot of time and effort.

The spill ready for relighting , so far has lit two fires and reckon it is good enough to light another two before being totally burnt away.


Red stringybark works well for this.
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Russell Coight
Mar 8, 2022
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Appin NSW
Nice. I have lots of stringy bark in my area and is my go to tinder. Even primitive man knew the importance of a "next fire" mentality. Having a pre charred material is a definite advantage. Try twisting into a loose chordage and dipping in tallow to make a waxed tinder rope.