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Remington 1306 OFF the wet stone grinder !


Ray Mears
Aug 27, 2021
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Aaaaaaaargh ! These are more collector knives now than user knives ..
So putting the 1306 on the wet stone grinder was not an easy decision .
I did previously test this knife .. 150 slice soft fail .
That edge was a very carefully massaged factory bevel to minimize material loss .

Butt , and it's a huge butt ! To leave it there ...................

So I had to do it , I had to regrind the edge !
And yes , the factory edge was FUBAR ... On one side a little over 30% of the blade toward the handle is just a rubbish grind .
I would say some one lingered on the belt to long in that one spot , Cos there is a rather substantial DIP in the grind .
Regrinding , shows up things like this .. And once done ( regrind ) , can't be un done . So the FUBAR is there for the world to see ( ME ) .

The result of regrinding was a 300 slice fail , this is up from the previous 150 slice result .
That's only a 150 slice increase , or 200% compared to the previous test .
I am on the hunt now for a decent wet stone ..
I am thinking that the wet stone grinder is a lot like a decent sized wet stone ..
And a skilled wet stone sharpener should be able to do what the grinder does . ( Should / could / would ? ) And that is correct a poorly ground / formed knife edge .
Anyways .. So with a decent / straight / correctly made edge , the 1306 is capable of good edge holding .
So my 1306 off the grinder is a 300 knife . ( Wet Stone Grinder )