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Replace hiking boot hook, how easy is it?


Lofty Wiseman
Nov 10, 2014
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Dandenong Ranges
So, Earlier this year one of the lace hooks on my hiking boots got snagged on something and bent out of place. I bent it back, but it didn’t feel too sturdy… A few weeks later it snapped clean off, so disappointing! Luckily it was one of the very top ones, so I can still lace up a couple sets of hooks, just not all the way up which I prefer on these particular boots.

Does anyone have any experience replacing these? Are they installed similarly to brass eyelets? I’m wondering whether I find a replacement and give it a crack myself, or if I find a local cobbler who can repair the hook and also fix up some of the areas where the sole is coming away from the leather (and my contact adhesive repair is starting to fail).

Thanks for any advice!


Richard Proenneke
Jan 9, 2019
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You might need the right tools ..
Maybe contact / phone a cobbler shoe repair business
we have an awesome boot repair guy. There are people who specialise in high end walking boots too - I know quite a few people who are on their 2nd sole for zamberlains etc. That's a lot of k's - mine have conservatively well over 1,000 alpine kms on them (dolerite rock etc). I'm pretty sure the hook replacement would not be an uncommon scenario - you might have to send it into Melbourne though for the right person. What if you phoned a serious bushwalking shop and asked them where to go? I walk with a club sometimes and they all know who to go to - it's how I found out.