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Rubbervine Cordage (Cryptostegia grandiflora, C. madagascariensis)

Aussie Forager CQ

Rüdiger Nehberg
Mar 30, 2012
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Central Queensland
Hi All,

I recently heard from a friend,that when camping, he had used Rubber Vine bark, in strips, for securing miscellaneous stuff and for lashings.

This definately perked my interest as Rubber vine is a serious and very prolific weed in Queensland. Meaning it is unfortunately very accessible and easy to find, at least for us Queenslanders, im not sure how far south its range extends. However i would wish it was never introduced, using it for something is better than nothing I guess. A bit of googling Has revealed some leads to it's use as a cordage the one below being the best found from a quick search, as a reference to it's use.


I haven't found any info, in a quick search, on method of creating cordage from it.
I happened across a plant the other day and thought I'd take the quick chance to experiment. I peeled an approximate 5mm wide x 250mm long strip piece to play with as I walked.

I did no preparation to the strip at all (and it peeled off easily) and began reverse twisting it together, as I did it seemed that the outer bark somewhat came off. The end result being below.


This was obviously done fresh so now that it has dried it has slightly loosened in the twist. However it resulted in an approximately two and a bit millimeter piece of cordage - that I cannont break with my hands and in relation to other cordage I've made it's as strong or stronger!

I intend to experiment with it a bit more, first try was quite promising!
I would be keen to know if anyone else has used it or has anything to add about it at all......


Staff member
Jun 5, 2011
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Picton NSW
Never heard of this plant, but looks like a great fiber material for sure!!!!


Ludwig Leichhardt
Sep 13, 2011
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Ironbark, SEQ
Good that this dam stuff has a use, thanks AussieP.
I've seen it as far south as Gin Gin.


Never Alone In The Bush
Staff member
Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
That sounds like great stuff.

You can probably use it as a quick lashing without even bothering to twist it up.

Many natural cordages seem to become a bit slack when they dry out and the material dries and contracts, which opens up the twist. If you have tied something with it, it may come lose.
Interestingly this seems more of an issue with twisted cordage, if you use it just as a lashing it may (?) not be as susceptible - but you'd need to test it of course.
Some cordage will become brittle as it dries too.

When you read about different cordage you hear of people soaking it, boiling it, bashing it about etc. The techniques can be different for each material, but finding one that works well is the challenge, and also one that is expedient for you and your use of the material

Let us know how you get on with rubbervive.