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Smoked Trout


Lofty Wiseman
Jun 6, 2011
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Hunter Valley
DSCF4565.jpg Being the eternal scrooge,I baulked at paying big dollars for one of those fancy s/steel fish smokers.A cheap-as-chips kettle BBQ from one of those ''Cheap Charlie" shops provided the solution.Commercially bought smoking chips($10) virtually gaurantees a wonderful flavour to your catch!True that this is 'hot' smoking,so the fish don't keep so well.Best to eat them that same day.Mind you its bloody hard not to:p


Richard Proenneke
Aug 3, 2011
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Here's another method that's also 'cheap as chips'.
Head down to cash converters (trash & treasure - where ever) & pick up a cheap electric frypan.
Place wood chips in the bottm (give em a quick wet down with a spray of water)
Place meat on a grill above the chips.
Crank the frypan up to 180 deg C
Whack the lid on (with vent open) & allow about 10 minutes for a trout, 15 for a rabbit, etc.
My 'smoker' cost me the princly sum of $5 & produces great eatin'.
Just be warned, once you've used the frypan for smoking it will be useless for anything else due to the smoke permeating the aluminim.
So dont go using the 'Minister for War & Finance's' good frypan.

For those that aren't familiar with smoking this method is referred to as 'hot smoking' meat.
All it does is cook the meat & flavour it. It will not preserve the meat.
To preserve meat you need to utilise a method known as 'cold smoking'.
With cold smoking the meat is hung in a locker that is remote from the heat source.
A seperate heat source is used & the smoke is piped into the meat locker so that it cools along the way.
Meat that is cold smoked will be preserved but it will also need a longer period of smoking to achieve the desried result.
Something like a leg of pork might take say 8hrs. A side of beef might take 48hrs, etc.
The time will vary dependent on the smoker, heat source, piping, etc.

Bill A.