SOLD Original Biolite Campstove


Mors Kochanski
Jan 21, 2013
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Hills District NSW
Hi all, I don't get out much these days which is why I haven't been around but I'm clearing out my home office/storeroom for a renovation so looking to sell off some stuff.

I have this original model Biolite Campstove that someone may be interested in. I never ended up using it as I decided that while it was a good idea, it was just too heavy for the walk in camps I was doing at the time. Uses the heat from the fire to charge an internal battery which can then in turn charge devices via USB.

NB that while this is unused, it is old and I can't vouch for the battery condition. It does seem to charge via USB and run. I'm pricing it cheaper than I otherwise would because of this. While the battery isn't "user replaceable", a lot of people have replaced them as it's a simple matter to disassemble, desolder the two tabs and solder onto a new battery. Most people have used readily obtainable rechargable CR123 cells for this. Plenty of videos on Youtube showing it etc

Includes all of the original accessories including the fire starters though no doubt they've dried out by now and would still burn but probably not work as starters. I'm also throwing in a USB flex light I bought to use with it.

Asking $100 inc regular post within Aust. If you want another method or fully insured etc let me know and I'll advise the cost on top.

Payment via direct deposit.