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The Woodland Indian Wigwam.

Le Loup

Rüdiger Nehberg
Apr 29, 2011
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New England NSW
This shows the construction of the wigwam that I built in the forest. The previous video shows how & debarked the bush poles. I would have liked to have covered this wigwam in bark, but I simply could not justify killing trees just to make this shelter. In a survival situation I would of course use tree bark, as it is I used whatever I had to hand. I did manage to secure some small strips of bark from a dead tree which I used to fill in some gaps.


Wilderness Living Stills 019.jpg
The bed made up of rolled strips of inner bark from the Stringybark tree. This came from debarking the poles to make the wigwam frame.
WIGWAM stills 016.jpg
I started the frame with only four secured poles, tied with cordage made from the inner bark of the Stringybark tree. Then I made this hoop from green wood & secured it to the four poles. All the other poles are then secured to this hoop.
Wilderness Living Stills 003.jpg
The fireplace. I used fire irons for hanging my kettle, but I could have used wood or I could hang the kettle from the wigwam poles.
Wilderness Living Stills 006.jpg
This is the drying rack & fireplace I constructed outside.
Wilderness Living Stills 034.jpg
In fine weather I use the outside cook fire which has a tripod for hanging my kettle.