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Tools Of The Trade Update.


Les Hiddins
Mar 30, 2019
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Can't speak for Keithy of course, but I've noticed a lot of quality Australian made tools you buy in the shops use the hardwood 'spotted gum'. One of the best tool handle woods is American Hickory, IMHO of course! ;)

There's a tree the early settlers in rainforest areas called the axe handle tree .
Its called rough leaved elm ,(aphananthe philippinensis) .
Its supposed to frequently grow with kauri pines although I haven't yet found it its on the list.
Grows from central coast new south wales to cape York peninsula Queensland.

Le Loup

Rüdiger Nehberg
Apr 29, 2011
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New England NSW
I had no idea they were that powerful. Wow! But I guessed the principle of the cannon still has not changed in nearly 200 years.

Does the ball bearing run out of the barrel if the gun is pointed toward the ground?

So you are allowed to carry it when camping but not shoot it. Does this require some sort of special historical exemption or something?

Beautiful tools...

When I lived in the Territory I had an X-Yugoslav Army Mauser 48A, 7.92mm. It was an incredibly powerful gun!

The balls & shot are cast from lead. Traditionally smoothbores are loaded using wads or wadding. First the powder charge, then a wad, then a ball or shot or both, then another wad to hold it all in place. Rifles use a cloth patch wrapped around the ball making it a firm fit in the barrel. You can use a patch or patching material in a smoothbore too if you wish. Paper cartridges can also be used in smoothbores. These were mostly used by the military & militia for faster reloading. So no Edward, the load does not fall out of the barrel.

Yes Edward, all the legislation says is that one is not allowed to fire the pistol. This is because my pistol is an antique. If it were a modern replica (even though both are exactly the same), I would need to have an "H" class license & I still would not be legally allowed to use it off range. No I do not need a special permit to carry it on my own private property.

Laws in the Territory when I was there were a lot different to NSW, I am not sure what gun laws are like in the Territory now.