Ultralight Hiking?


Mors Kochanski
May 22, 2018
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Outback, South Australia
I have recently chosen one of these mozzie dome tents from Mitchell’s online.
I threw the great big poles that came with it in the bin , and put poles from another dome tent in it, cut them to size with a hacksaw.

the weight of the tent is about 1.7 kg now without pegs ( it really only needs 4) , which I think is pretty decent ,simple set up and a good compromise for the amount of size and comfort to be able to sit up in .

I agree on the value of keeping the critters out for a good sleep. Can use without fly in good weather too.

A good find and mod. I've brought a few good things from Mitchell's. 1.7kg is very respectable for the roominess and weight of that tent and I think it qualifies as U.L. territory. I also like the versatility to use without fly in the heat too - essential here, IMO and you get a view of the stars if you don't use a tarp or the fly :D
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