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User Knives For Sale


Richard Proenneke
Jul 8, 2013
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Perth, Western Australia
Bark River Bravo Survivor CPM 3V
I have beat the snot out of this knife and it is still in near new condition, it has some marks on the blade and no edge damage at all. Have polished off most of the marks that were on it. Make a good medium sized user.

Swamp Rat M9 LE SR101
One seriously bad ass chopper!! Well used but still very good condition, some minor surface rust in places and quite a bit of patina. Comes with bomb proof leather sheath made in U.S.A. with shoulder sling, belt loop dangler, leg strap and can also be carried in scout carry style (horizontal). $350

Adventure Sworn Explorer
Has been used and carried still in very good condition, the sheath has a few scratches etc from being carried (you don’t want to be that guy with gear that looks likes its never been used, don’t be that guy) $180
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