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want to trade, I have ASAT pants in M and I want L or XL


Ray Mears
May 19, 2011
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Esperance, Western Australia

I have a pair of ASAT pants (6 pocket BDU style) that has been worn once and washed once. Didn't put very many k's in either.
I then had a son and lost nearly all chance of hunting for a while.

Now they don't fit and I'd like some in a large or XL. I wear a 92cm pant, but two different websites give me two different measurements for the L and XL. I'd need 38" - 40"

I'll straight swap for a pair in similar condition (almost minty) or can chuck money towards a trade for a new pair, or will accept 80% of retail price on a replacement pair (express post included)

I'm in Esperance, Western Australia

You can pm me, post here or email through my profile.

Timestamp rule applies.

Cheers all