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Richard Proenneke
Jan 9, 2019
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We live in an urban environment, but I try to build in a bit of tolerance to shortages. We have a reasonable stock of food, water, light, energy; we can live off grid for a while. A water tank or tanks and solar panels with battery storage are something I haven't implemented yet.

I fully understand the consequences of our ever increasing populations and the eventual fights for resources. I came across this youtube documentary, which has nothing new for me, and probably most of you here. Still, it is a well put together overview:



John McDouall Stuart
Aug 27, 2021
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America is fraking the hell out of it's ground water looking for oil !
Most countries are lowering the water table .
Global Warming ? If no such thing exists ? Then lets try changing weather patterns ..
A lot of countries are feeling CHANGING Weather patterns right now .
When the penny drops ???????????????? Who knows , stupid is as stupid does !

And there is a over abundance of stupid everywhere .... If ever there was a resource we could do without !