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When life gives you oranges, make marmalade !


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
Our neighbour give us 4Kg of oranges from their tree.... what to do with them ?

4Kg Oranges
2 L Water
2Kg Sugar
Jam setter - optional, but I had some so I used it

Zest the oranges and put zest into the pan,
Juice the oranges and put the juice and pulp into the same pan.
(Avoid the white pith)
Its OK to add seeds if you wrap them in a cloth (so you can remove them at the end) - they add pectin, which you need to set the jam

(If you don't like / want to zest or pulp, tie them in a cloth and add it at the start of the process.
Take the cloth out before you bottle.
There is lots of flavour and pectin in the zest and pulp, so don't waste it)


Bring the pan to a simmer for 30 to 60 minutes (its not exact, if you get distracted a bit its ok).
Stir occasionally with a home made wooden spoon:

Slowly pour in the sugar, stir as you go :

Turn up the heat and boil for 60 to 90 minutes ( … ish)
After this you should test for the marmalade being "set"

To test for "set", put a bit of marmalade on a plate and put in in the fridge/freezer until its cold.
Push your finger through it. It should be thick and "jammy", not thin and watery.
If its not set, you need to boil for another 10 - 15 mins and test again.

(After a few tries, if its not setting, you may need to increase the temp a bit, or consider adding some jam setter (from the shop).
Its OK to turn off the heat, put on a lid and go and buy some and come back, heat it up to a full boil and add the setter - you can even do it next day ….
BUT its possible that the jam will set overnight, so I recommend bottling it when runny;
then if its still runny tomorrow: tip the jars back into a pan, heat it up and add the setter …. test again etc …. )

Once its set:

I sterilise the jars by putting them in the over at 180 for 20 mins or so. Boil the lids for a few minutes
(Alternatively you can boil the jars too; or use a bottle sanitiser, same as for wine/beer)

I have a special funnel, designed for jar filling, but a jug or ladle works too :


Put on the lids while its hot and leave to cool ...

Delicious !!!!!